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1. Ptaszyńska N., Olkiewicz K., Okońska J., Gucwa K., Łęgowska A., Gitlin-Domagalska A., Debowski D., Lica J., Heldt M., Milewski S., Ng T.B., Rolka K., Peptide Conjugates Of Lactoferricin Analogues And Antimicrobials - Design, Chemical Synthesis, And Evaluation Of Antimicrobial Activity And Mammalian Cytotoxicity, Peptides. 2019 Apr 5. pii: S0196-9781(19)30037-3. doi: 10.1016/j.peptides.2019.04.006.



1. Lesiów M.K., Komarnicka U.K., Stokowa-Sołtys K., Rolka K., Łęgowska A., Ptaszyńska P., Wieczorek A., Kyzioł A., Jeżowska-Bojczuka M., Relationship between copper(II) complexes with FomA adhesin fragments of F. nucleatum and colorectal cancer. Coordination pattern and ability to promote ROS production, Dalton Trans., 47, 5445-5458 (2018).

2. Cheung R. C. F.F., Ng T. B., Wong J. H., Naude R., Rolka K., Tse T.F., Chan H., Tse R., Sze S. C. W., Tuber lectins with potentially exploitable bioactivities, Curr. Med. Chem., 25, (2018).

3. Ptaszyńska N., Gucwa K., Łęgowska A., Dębowski D., Gitlin-Domagalska A., Lica J., Heldt M., Martynow D., Olszewski M., Milewski S., Ng T.B., Rolka K., Antimicrobial Activity of Chimera Peptides Composed of Human Neutrophil Peptide 1 (HNP-1) Truncated Analogues and Bovine Lactoferrampin, Bioconjugate Chem., 29, 3060-3071 (2018).

4. Lubos M., Dębowski D., Bracińska E., Inkielewicz-Stępniak I., 2, Annika M., Burster T., Rolka K., Inhibition of human constitutive 20S proteasome and 20S immunoproteasome with novel N-terminally modified peptide aldehydes and their anti-tumor activity, Biopolymers, 2018, doi: 10.1002/pep2.24100

5. Krupa K., Lesiówa M., Stokowa-Sołtysa K., Starosta R., Ptaszyńska N., Łęgowska A., Rolka K. Wernecki M., Cal M., Jeżowska-Bojczuk M., Copper(II) complexes with Fusobacterium nucleatum adhesin FadA:Coordination pattern, physicochemical properties and reactivity J. Inorg. Chem. 189, 69-80 (2018).

6. Schumacher-Klinger A., Fanous J., Merzbach S., Weinmüller M., Reichart F., Räder A.F.B., Gitlin-Domagalska A., Gilon C., Kessler H., Hoffman A., Enhancing Oral Bioavailability of Cyclic RGD Hexa-peptides by the Lipophilic Prodrug Charge Masking Approach: Redirection of Peptide Intestinal Permeability from a Paracellular to Transcellular Pathway, Mol. Pharm., 2018, 15, 3468-3477.

7. Alshanski I., Bentolila M., Gitlin-Domagalska A., Zamir D., Zorsky S., Joubran S., Hurevich M., Gilon C., Enhancing the Efficiency of the Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS) Process by High Shear Mixing, Org. Process Res. Dev., 2018, 22, 1318–1322.

8. Gitlin-Domagalska A., Mangold M., Dębowski D.,Ptaszyńska N., Łęgowska A., Gütschow M., Rolka K., Matriptase-2: Monitoring and Inhibiting its Proteolytic Activity, Future Med. Chem., w druku



1. Gitlin-Domagalska A., Dębowski D., Łęgowska A., Stirnberg M., Okońska J., Gütschow M., Rolka K., Design and chemical syntheses of potent matriptase-2 inhibitors based on trypsin inhibitor SFTI-1 isolated from sunflower seeds, Biopolymers, 2017 May 27. doi: 10.1002/bip.23031.

2. Filipowicz M., Ptaszyńska N., Olkiewicz K., Dębowski D., Ćwikłowska K., Burster T., Pikuła M., Krzystyniak A., Łęgowska A., Rolka K., Spliced analogues of trypsin inhibitor SFTI-1 and their application for tracing proteolysis and delivery of cargos inside the cells, Biopolymers, 108(2) (2017)




1. Gruba N., Wysocka M., Brzezińska M., Debowski D., Rolka K., Martin N., Lesner A., Novel internally quenched substrate of the trypsin-like subunit of 20S eukaryotic proteasomeAnal Biochem.,508,38-45 (2016).

2. Gruba N., Wysocka M., Brzezińska M., Dębowski D., Sieńczyk M., Gorodkiewicz E., Guszcz T., Czaplewski C., Rolka K., Lesner A., Bladder cancer detection using a peptide substrate of the 20S proteasome, FEBS J., 283, 2929-2948 (2016)

3.  Ye X., Guan S., Liu J., Ng C.C., Chan G.H., Sze S.C., Zhang K.Y., Naude R., Rolka K., Wong J.H., Ng T.B., Activities of Venom Proteins and Peptides with Possible Therapeutic Applications from Bees and WASPS, Protein Pept. Lett., 23, 748-755 (2016)

4. Dębowski D., Cichorek M., Lubos M., Wójcik S., Łęgowska A., Rolka K., Noncovalent inhibitors of human 20S and 26S proteasome based on trypsin inhibitor SFTI-1, Biopolymers,  106, 685-696 (2016)

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6. Dębowski D., Wyrzykowski D., Lubos M., Rolka K., Interactions between trypsin and its peptidic inhibitors studied by isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC), J. Therm. Anal. Calorim., 123, 807-812 (2016).

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