About our Faculty

Faculty of Chemistry, University of Gdańsk is one of the most developing academic facilities conducting both, scientific research and education in the fields of chemistry and environmental protection in Poland and abroad.

The faculty consists of 12 chair departments, which host 30 scientific laboratories:

- Chair of Environmental Analytics

- Chair of Biochemistry

- Chair of Molecular Biotechnology

- Chair of Analytical Chemistry

- Chair of Biomedical Chemistry

- Chair of Bioinorganic Chemistry

- Chair of Physical Chemistry

- Chair of General and Inorganic Chemistry

- Chair of Organic Chemistry

- Chair of Environmental Chemistry and Radiochemistry

- Chair of Theoretical Chemistry

- Chair of Environmental Technology


The Faculty of Chemistry employs 43 professors, and over 1000 of students and 100 Ph.D. students attend classes and lectures.

The main areas of research activity of Faculty of Chemistry are:

- Chemistry and biochemistry of peptides and proteins

- Chemical and environmental analytics

- Organic and inorganic physicochemistry

- Chemistry of materials

- Chemistry of polysaccharides

- Chemistry and technology of the environment


The world level of conducted research is possible thanks to modern scientific equipment. The results are published in a number of research publications/papers (over 500 publications from JCR list during 2016-2018). The Faculty has got the right to confer the Ph.D. title in the fields of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Environmental Protection. The faculty has a modern building to its disposal, which is one of the most sophisticated research-educational facility in Europe. An offer for abroad partners covers mainly scientific exchange under common scientific programmes and PhD students exchange.


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