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1. Lesner A, Li Y, Nitkiewicz J, Li G, Kartvelishvili A, Kartvelishvili M, Simm M., A soluble factor secreted by an HIV-1-resistant cell line blocks transcription through inactivating the DNA-binding capacity of the NF-kappa B p65/p50 dimer, J Immunol. 175, 2548-2554(2005).

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4. Kotlinska J, Rafalski P, Talarek S, Dylag T, Rolka K, Wichmann J, Silberring J. Is the nociceptin (NOP) receptor involved in attenuation of the expression of sensitization to morphine-induced hyperlocomotion in mice?, Behav Pharmacol. 16, 101-106(2005).


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4. Łuczkowski M., Kozłowski H., Stawikowski M., Rolka K., Gaggelli E., Valensin D., Valensin G., Is a Monomeric Prion Octapeptide Repeat PHGGGWGQ specific ligand for Ca2+ Ions?, J. Chem. Soc. Dalton Trans., 2269-2274 (2002).

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6. Suder P., Kotlińska J., Łęgowska A., Smoluch M., Höhne G., Chervet J.-P., Rolka K., Silberring J., Determination of Nociceptin-Orphanin FQ Metabolites by Capillary LC-MS, Brain Res. Prot. 6, 40-46 (2000).

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