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Research area

Research area

The Department conducts research in the field of:


  • analytics and monitoring of the quality of the environment in terms of the presence of persistent and new emerging environmental pollutants;

  • development of analytical methods for determination of selected persistent and new emerging environmental pollutants with the use of chromatographic and mass spectrometry techniques;

  • the development of effective methods for extraction of persistent and new emerging environmental pollutants from variety environmental samples with application innovative sorbents;

  • assessment of environmental fate of new emerging pollutants  (i.e hydrolysis, sorption);

  • ecotoxicity assessment;

  • investigation of the potential of chemical compounds for bioaccumulation by in-vitro and in-vivo methods;

  • application of ionic liquids in chemical analysis;

  • quality control and food safety;

  • searching for alternative sources of biologically active compounds;

  • analysis of secondary metabolites of entomopathogenic fungi;

  • analysis of nutritional values and toxic compounds in edible plants.

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